JSC Putnu fabrika Ķekava


Since the company was founded in 1967, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and cultivated the traditions of poultry farming and production. We are the only full-cycle production company in the field of poultry farming and chicken meat production.

Due to the excellent quality of the taste we offer, we have won appreciation from neighbours both near and far — we export Latvian products to Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Uzbekistan and the Netherlands.

Since the autumn of 2013, the company’s majority shareholder is the Lithuanian holding company Linas Agro Group.

Our mission is to be the leading poultry meat manufacturer in the Baltic States, which stands for high quality products and service rendered, as well as the excellence of our achievements.

Our vision is to fulfil a leading role among Baltic poultry meat producers, at the same time responding flexibly to the trends of the market and consumer demand. We adhere to outstanding production practice, in compliance with the highest service and product quality standards in product production, in collaboration with our partners and in caring for the environment. Our principle is sustainable enterprise based on the principles of open and honest commercial activity.


Since the company was founded in 1967, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and cultivated the traditions of poultry farming and production. We are the only full-cycle production company in the field of poultry farming and chicken meat production. Our strength is not only technological competence, but also our employees including engineers, food technologists, poultry farmers, laboratory assistants and logistics specialists who make us the leading company in the industry.

Excellent taste

Our experience, leadership and continuous search for new innovations in the field of chicken meat production allows us to state that we know more about cooking, the harmony of flavours and serving chicken meat than anyone else in the Baltics. We know that several generations of children love our sausages and frankfurters. We know that a chicken shashlik is the fragrance of Latvian summer evenings, while in winter, a proper party would be unimaginable without Ķekava’s smoked delicacies.

Healthy products

Our process of poultry farming and meat production complies with the requirements of legislation of the Republic of Latvia and regulations of the European Union. The company has adopted a certified food safety management system complaint with the international standard ISO 22000:2005. The food safety management systems assists the company in ensuring a systematic approach to identifying, assessing and managing food safety risks; it includes the assessment of all processes from the point of view of the product’s safety, starting from the bird breeding process, acquisition of tested and approved raw materials and strict supervision of the production process through to the quality assurance of the ready product. The certified system inspires trust on the part of customers and consumers that our products distributed and sold by us are manufactured, in compliance with strict quality assurance requirements, thus, yet again reaffirming our care for our products’ consumers and ensuring that the buyer receives not only quality products, but ones that are safe for consumption. All chicken meat is 100% free of salmonella. In February 2015, PF Ķekava’s fresh chicken meat was awarded the “Green Spoon” trademark.

We are an effective and flexible manufacturer

Ķekava Poultry Farm is a full-cycle production company: chicks are bred and meat products are manufactured at our farm in Ķekava. We are able to quickly respond to buyers’ needs and continually create new products, improve processes and search for innovation possibilities

LLC Lielzeltiņi

LLC “Lielzeltiņi” is one of the leading local poultry meat producers and processors in the Baltic states. The company is located near Bauska, on the bank of the River Mēmele, its production facilities take up more than 30 h area.

The chicken meat used for products under the “Bauska” brand is produced using only the highest quality own-bred broiler meat. The company has been working for 20 years and it has been continuously investing in its development and technology to create products that can be considered an example of quality in Europe. LLC “Lielzeltiņi” and its “Bauska” brand  guarantee product quality, working in accordance with the carefully developed food safety system that is applied to the entire cycle of the company’s operations – starting with bird breeding and the production of fodder, and continuing with the slaughterhouse and the processing of poultry meat and the product-related logistics.

Since the end of 2013, LLC “Lielzeltiņi” belongs to the AB “Linas Agro Group” holding that unites 35 companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Denmark. The member companies of the holding employ more than 2200 employees engaged in the international trade of agricultural products, agricultural supplies, the production and processing of agricultural products, as well as the production of food products.

Taking into account the clients’ wishes and needs, LLC “Lielzeltiņi” is continuously improving and expanding the assortment of the produced goods available at the largest store chains in Latvia. Products are exported to nine European countries – Estonia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and the Netherlands. The goal of the company is to be the leading chicken meat producer in the Baltics, producing high-quality products, ensuring outstanding client service and excellence in everything we do.