Since the company was founded in 1967, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and cultivated the traditions of poultry farming and production. We are the only full-cycle production company in the field of poultry farming and chicken meat production.

Due to the excellent quality of the taste we offer, we have won appreciation from neighbours both near and far — we export Latvian products to Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Uzbekistan and the Netherlands.

Since the autumn of 2013, the company’s majority shareholder is the Lithuanian holding company Linas Agro Group.

Our mission is to be the leading poultry meat manufacturer in the Baltic States, which stands for high quality products and service rendered, as well as the excellence of our achievements.

Our vision is to fulfil a leading role among Baltic poultry meat producers, at the same time responding flexibly to the trends of the market and consumer demand. We adhere to outstanding production practice, in compliance with the highest service and product quality standards in product production, in collaboration with our partners and in caring for the environment. Our principle is sustainable enterprise based on the principles of open and honest commercial activity.

EXPERIENCE more than 50 years in poultry business
PRODUCTION VOLUME 28 500 t / a year
TURNOVER 57 mio EUR / a year


Full production cycle

Animal welfare

Experience and values