1. Experience

The company was founded in 1967. Over the years, it has acquired a wealth of experience and has refined long-established aviculture, as well as product production traditions.

2. Full production cycle and laboratory control of each stage of the cycle

The company’s operation are full-cycle starting from the maternal brood, which ensures incubation eggs in the required amount, right through to the delivery of ready products to retail outlets. Each production cycle is controlled and supervised, in accordance with the regulations of the Food and Veterinary Service and the European Union.

3. Poultry health and safety

Birds enjoy freedom of movement, fresh air, the optimal microclimate for the health of birds (temperature, lighting), as well as natural and healthy foodstuffs without growth stimulants;
The health and welfare of birds are supervised by the Food and Veterinary Service, whose regional branch is based at PF Ķekava.

4. Work procedural rules

The company strictly adheres to a complex of hygiene, biosafety and disinfection measures. This unequivocally includes employees and transport, equipment, foodstuffs and premises cleaning procedures.

5. Reliable partners

When it comes to its required deliveries, the company chooses only the most trustworthy partners, whose product is certified.

 ISO 22000:2006